Location 2: Hyperica Hyperport


The Hyperica Hyperport is a location on the OpenSimulator hypergrid. It was created  to help users in the OpenSimulator hypergrid move between grids by having portals that when entered will teleport the user to the location listed above the portal. There are also some small shops for users to get objects from.

My first impression of the hyperport once the textures full loaded was of a small village. It contains a lot of scripting to teleport avatars once they touch the portals and for the shops to function.

Although I have not yet visited any there are other hyperports on the hypergrid that have similar functions the Hyperica hyperport is known as the largest.

I feel that is a location that should be visited by users of an OpenSimulator grid that wants to start visiting other location around the Hypergrid as it is able to teleport them throughout the hypergrid.

Location 2: Hyperica Hyperport

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