Platform 1: Second Life


Second Life is a virtual world platform created and owned by Linden Labs. It provides users with the ability to travel through the virtual world, interact with other user’s avatars, create virtual objects and buy virtual land. The is also a marketplace that allows users to buy and sell any textures and objects that they have uploaded to the virtual world or created within the world.

Second Life seems to run well without any problems that are related to my system. The main problem was to do with the time it was taking for the object to load on slow Internet since all the objects and textures that appear on the screen have to be downloaded from the server as many of them are custom made by the residents of Second Life.

It can be used for almost any purpose as a resident can create and script almost anything they want to create. Some of the examples of this that I have seen include some role-playing regions and sections of regions that are developed for educational purposes. Although I have not been to any there are also locations that have been developed as a place to socialise with other residents.


Platform 1: Second Life

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